Apple And Beats May Collaborate For Online Music Streaming Service |

Apple And Beats May Collaborate For Online Music Streaming Service

The collaboration could complement Apple's iTunes music service, and lead to a music streaming service.


Consumer technology major Apple, is negotiating with Beats Electronics LLC on a tie-up involving Beats' planned music streaming service. Reuters says that Apple's Tim Cook and Beats' Jimmy Lovine had discussed in February about "Project Daisy" that Beats brought out in January this year.

Beats Electronics is known for its headphones and audio accessory range. Its "Project Daisy" is a music service with which the company claims to "bring an emotional connection back to the act of music discovery".

If finalized, the tie-up between Apple and Beats Electronics will give rise to a streaming service complementing Apple's iTunes which is used throughout the world. Interestingly, Beats already partners for sound on HTC's mobile phones (HTC is considered to be Apple's rival in the smartphone segment).

This expected partnership between Apple and Beats comes after rumours began about YouTube launching its own music streaming service. So Google may also be on the verge of bringing out specialized services with respect to music streaming (as long as it doesn't cannibalise YouTube).

As of now, the major cloud streaming players comprise Spotify, Pandora Radio, Slacker Radio and MOG. These services provide the conventional features such as uploading music, watching video, and sharing of favourite tracks/artists.

Since Apple's iTunes is known for innovations such as their "iCloud" and even intuitive view options, expectations will be high if indeed the streaming complement to iTunes comes out. What new features can users get if Apple and Beats tie up to provide music services?

Stay tuned, music enthusiasts. You have nothing but your mobile Internet data-usage to lose!

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