Google Chrome Browser ver26 Released For Windows, Mac and Linux |

Google Chrome Browser ver26 Released For Windows, Mac and Linux

Google Chrome 26 incorporates new spell-check mechanisms and easier multi-user functionality.


Chrome 26 featuring improved spell-checking mechanisms and desktop shortcuts on Windows for multiple user profiles, has been brought out by Google. It fixes a number of security bugs, as always. Users of Windows, Mac and Linux can get hold of Chrome 26 with Chrome's inbuilt silent uploader or by downloading the browser from

This time around, Google has given its browser improvements such as "Ask Google for suggestions" with which users can refine their grammar and noun usage. This feature even brings speed checking improvements to text content. Chrome 26 also allows multiple users/multiple user profiles - improved so as to create desktop shortcuts on Windows-based desktops/laptops. This enhancement makes it easy for several people to browse the web on a single computer, as users now needn't have to open Chrome browser and then switch between accounts manually.

Google Brings Out Chrome 26 For Windows, Mac and Linux

The spell check feature, "Ask Google for suggestions" updates Google Chrome's already supported dictionaries and brings with it support for Tamil, Albanian and Korean languages. Google says that this feature makes use of the same technology as that of its search. Google Docs has also used the feature for some time now. To use the feature, one can go to Spell Checker options and then select "Ask Google for suggestions".

The spell-check also supports proper nouns, homonyms and provides for content-sensitive spell search as well. Google Chrome also incorporates an asynchronous DNS server resolver on Mac and Linux along with the regular performance enhancements.

The Chrome 26 update will be rolled out gradually, so users may not see the update immediately.

Google had last month introduced a voice recognition feature in Chrome 25, through which users could issue voice commands for navigation and searching.

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