Download: Facebook App (Android) |

Download: Facebook App (Android)

These updates ensure a clutter-free experience along with easy spam filtering, a highlight at present is support for dynamically changing Cover Photo.


The Facebook Android app lets users access social networking features directly from a mobile application, and stay in touch via notifications that it pops up. It is different from accessing the same through a browser, because the app is more touch-oriented.

The latest addition is that it now enables users to change their cover photo directly from the application. The updated app is available for download from Google Play. The dynamic photo cover photo updation feature makes Facebook for Android, fall in line with the recent updates that Facebook gave to the iOS version of its mobile application.

Facebook for Android also ensures that users manage unwanted stories easily and filter out spam from within newsfeed. This reduces cluttering and also speeds up the process of filtering appropriate results. These updates are in line with the company's revamp of news feeds which gives more priority to graphical content across mobile/web platforms.

 Download: Facebook For Android App With Dynamic Cover Photo Change Support
Screenshots of updated Facebook for Android app

The social networking giant has also brought improvements to its standalone messenger app, enabling users to start group messages with fewer taps.

Facebook for Android, in addition to the above new features, incorporates support for:

  • sharing updates, photos and videos
  • Notifications for likes and comments
  • playing games and allowing users to see what friends are up to
  • text, chat and group conversations

Developer: Facebook
Size: 6.9 MB
Price: Free
Platfrom: Android
Download URL:

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