Rumour: Facebook Plans To Introduce Hashtags Soon |

Rumour: Facebook Plans To Introduce Hashtags Soon

Facebook-owned Instagram users already have the technology handy, no clarity on when it will be rolled out.


After giving its news feeds a new look and a cleaner Timeline layout, social networking giant Facebook now seems to try imitating micro-blogging site Twitter. A report on Wall Street Journal suggests that Facebook may soon enable users to hashtag their posts, which is similar to what Twitter offers. Hashtags have been a part of Twitter since 2009.

The concept of hashtags isn't new to Facebook either: Instagram users have been using the feature for a while now. Facebook possibly considers hashtags to be conversation starters, and it would result in users staying on the service for a comparatively longer time.

Facebook is clearly ahead in the game, when it comes creating a "personal connect" among users and building an "intuitive" social networking experience, whereas Twitter is ideally seen as a mechanism to offer first-hand information about the world. A hashtag is typically used to group and retrieve similar content, and it is a great search tool too, in an open environment. But given Facebook's stringent privacy policies, it remains to be seen how they implement and utilise the hashtag to enhance the user experience and yet maintain a safe social network.

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