Jabra Launches EasyGo Bluetooth Headset

For those who cannot do with just one mobile phone.


Jabra has announced the launch of the EasyGo Bluetooth headset, which is capable of pairing with two mobile devices at the same time. Available in red and white, the EasyGo weighs just 80 grammes. The accessory comes with an extra ear gel pad that moulds itself according to the ear size. It boasts of Jabra's Voice Guidance technology, which provides an audible warning when the headset is low on charge or has been disconnected from the smartphone.

Large icons on the EasyGo make it easier to determine the battery level and connectivity status. A slider switch has also been provided to manually turn off the gizmo and to extend its usage. The use of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) ensures noise and echo reduction for clarity of communication. It even features automatic volume adjustment to prevent audio levels from changing too much, thus protecting the wearer's ears. The Jabra EasyGo Bluetooth headset is available at Rs 2200 and carries a a one-year warranty.

The Jabra EasyGo Bluetooth headset is available at Rs 2199 with a one year warranty.

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