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LG Tab-Book Hybrid With Windows 8, To Be Showcased At MWC 2013

One feature that has been stated by its manufacturer about the LG Tab-Book, is that it offers LTE connectivity.


LG has brought out the Tab-Book, a hybrid of a notebook and a tablet based on the new Windows 8. Having announced the device in Seoul, South Korea, the consumer electronics major will showcase it at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013.

The USP of the Tab-Book according to LG, is that it has inbuilt LTE (Long Term Evolution is a "4G" standard for high-speed mobile data connections), to provide for "faster internet browsing."

Having been announced in South Korea which uses TD LTE mobile networks (as against the competing FD-LTE standard), we can probably infer that the LG Tab-Book supports TD-LTE. In India, 4G TD LTE services had been launched by Airtel in April 2012. So there is a chance the Tab-Book could operate on 4G network in India, although it is an aspect that needs to be tested when the device is released.

The LG Tab Book runs on an Intel Core i5 processor, with the Windows 8 operating system. There is a 5-point multi-touch screen, with an IPS display (In-Plane Switching) for a wide viewing angle. An Auto Sliding button is present, to open up a keyboard.

Other specifications of the Tab-Book have not been announced yet, LG will probably make these aspects known at the MWC.

A news release quotes Il-geun Kwon, Senior Vice President and Head of the LG Home Entertainment Company's IT Business Unit as saying, "The Tab-Book is going to appeal to consumers who want the convenience of a tablet but also the productivity of a notebook and don't want to carry two devices all the time".

Incidentally, such hybrids are already available in India - the Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro is priced at Rs 48,000.

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