Cowon Liaail BP2 9200 mAh Portable Charger Launched

Offers much higher battery capacity than competition, for just a marginal increase in price at Rs 5750.


Cowon today announced the launch of its Liaail BP2 portable charger in India. The Liaail BP2 portable charger packs in a high capacity 9200 mAh battery. It has a square design and weighs 250 grams, making it easy to carry around.

Cowon claims the portable charger is equipped with safety measures to prevent overcharging and circuit-shorting. For charging indication, it has a blue and red status light on the front face of the device. An AC adapter input on the top is present to charge the portable charger itself. Charging external devices is taken care of with a USB output.

The Liaail BP2 portable charger is compatible with almost all smartphones and tablets, because they support charging from a micro-USB port. iPhone and iPad charging is also compatible, however is not known whether the BP2 comes with a USB-to-lightning port connector.

Liaail BP2 portable charger is available only in white colour and is priced at Rs 5750.

Other portable chargers we have reviewed include the Portronics PowerPack 4000 which has 4000 mAh and is priced at Rs 2000, while the Cooler Master Power Fort offers a 5600 mAh battery at Rs 4300. By comparison, the Liaail BP2 portable charger provides larger capacity battery (at least on paper) for just a marginal increase in price.

Cowon Launches Liaail BP2 Portable Charger