HTC CFO Says Smartphones With Larger Display Screens On The Way |

HTC CFO Says Smartphones With Larger Display Screens On The Way

This move could counter rival brands in the Android space such as Samsung, if they do get their pricing right.


HTC, which recently hit the headlines with its M7 smartphone seems to be eager to introduce smartphones with display screens that are more than 5 inches, according to an InfoWorld report. The CFO has been quoted as saying, "We will not limit ourselves to below 5 [inches]".

HTC already has the Butterfly and the Droid DNA, with 5" screens. HTC not ruling out launching smartphones with screens larger than 5 inches, may mean more competition against brands that sell phablets. Phablets are large screen smartphones offering functionality somewhere between smartphones and tablets. Most notable is the Samsung Galaxy Note series, while the Huawei Ascend Mate announced in January 2013 has a huge 6.1" screen.

In related news, an HTC executive has been quoted earlier as having said that Samsung may be getting wary of HTC. Of late, HTC has been trying to find its feet again in a market getting dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple.

Its reported intention to announce budget smartphones for the Chinese market might help market share, but HTC's track record with budget phones in India has been disappointing due to poor specs and over-pricing.

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