Download: Cricket Fever Challenge (Android, iOS)

Play multiplayer cricket with your FB friends in realtime!


If you're bored of playing cricket alone on your smartphone (or tablet), the new Cricket Fever Challenge app can change that. In multiplayer mode, the app lets you play against your Facebook friends! You can get a hang of the gameplay here.

The app lets you keep track of your prayer's profile, and the game claims to give you "TV Broadcast style" camera angles for realism. The rendering of the players isn't good enough for that, however. But for a free app, it does quite a good job. Check out the gallery below for more app screentshots.

Developer: Indiagames
Size: 3.9 MB – 112 MB
Platforms: Android, iOS.
Price: Free (Android, iOS)
Download: Android -
iOS -

Download: Cricket Fever Challenge (Android, iOS)

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