Download: Notepad++ (Windows) |

Download: Notepad++ (Windows)

A freeware and more functional replacement for the stock Notepad.


Notepad++ is a free source code editor that comes across as a better replacement for the stock Notepad application that is bundled with Windows. This programme features a WYSIWYG interface that can not only open and edit source code files, but also supports any other file in a host of different programming languages. If you are a programmer, you will appreciate the colourful syntax highlighting and syntax folding feature, which makes it easy to keep a check on the code, at a glance. The tabbed interface allows you to open several documents at a time and the GUI can be customised to provide a vertical document list to easily switch between documents if you are not very comfortable with tabs.

Auto-completion functionality includes word completion, function completion, and function parameter hint. You can launch the program with different command arguments to speed up execution of tasks. Being written in C++, it is light on your system and runs faster. Try Notepad++, and you will probably never go back to the original Notepad again.

Developer: Don Ho
Size: 5.6 MB
Price: Free
Platform: Windows

Download: Notepad++ (Windows)

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