Vodafone And airtel Users Can Now Pay For Nokia Apps Via Their Monthly Bills

Will also include in-app purchases; could lead to sharp rise in unauthorised billing.


If you're a Vodafone or airtel subscriber owning a Nokia handset, you can now download content from Nokia's content store and pay for it through your monthly phone bills. If you're a prepaid customer instead, the amount will be deducted from your balance. This move will offer an alternative to those uncomfortable using credit cards (the only previous means of purchase) to obtain apps. The Nokia Store features over one lakh apps and content modules, and the company claims that its Indian edition caters to over 60 million downloads a month.

Moreover, subscribers of these two service providers will also be able to avail "in-app" purchases along with additional price points, all through their monthly bills. Having said that, people will now have to be doubly careful about the apps they download to ensure they don't accidentally grab a paid app instead of a free one, since they'll find out about the purchase only once the bill comes in. Furthermore, looking at how Apple is facing severe criticism about its in-app billing mechanism, you too just might end up with an inflated bill due to in-app purchases you didn't want to make in the first place.

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