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Weekend Tech Update: Ep III

Kid murders dad for a PlayStation console, pornstar endorses a mobile phone brand, and more craziness from the tech world this week.

Weekend Tech Update: Ep III

Take a break from the usual product launches and patent trolling sagas, for a glimpse of the lighter side of the tech spectrum. Here's a quick look at all the crazy happenings that occured in the tech world.

  • Budget cell phone player Chaze Mobile seems to have its target demographic pretty much figured out. It's little wonder why it has signed Sunny Leone - a Canadian porn star with a desi connection - as its brand ambassador. In this age of agressive value-addition for consumers, I wonder what kind of content comes preloaded with its range of mobile phones.

  • Your average kid throws a tantrum when you refuse to fulfil his demand for expensive toys. Apparently, that's not how Saudi kids roll. A four-year-old shot his father for failing to buy him a brand new PlayStation console. The kid played it cool when he realised that his father had returned without his console. That is, until the father put his gun down and started undressing, when the wronged child shot the father with his own gun. Two things concern me the most about this incident - why did the father leave the weapon within the reach of a four year old, and why was he undressing in the presence of his kid?

  • UK-based insurance giant Aviva wanted to fire some poor soul, but instead sent pink slips to 1300 employees over email in a major HR cock-up. I can't decide which one's worse - the cruel mistake or using email for firing.

  • The easy access and ubiquity of mobile phone cameras has been a boon to law enforcement, thanks to good Samaritans capturing crucial photographic evidence to nail criminals. However, it's not always the good Samaritans that help the cops, but sometimes the criminals themselves show initiative. Take the case of these teenage robbers, who thought it would be hilarious to pose with their loot. Unfortunately, the Judge didn't find it funny when he used their own photos to send them to the slammer.

  • Kapil Sibal may have tried and failed miserably to control the internet, but his Congress colleague Abhishek Singhvi sure wished he had succeeded, as he watched in horror as his sleazy spy-camera video clip spread across the internet. Looks like our politicians have graduated from watching pornographic clips to actually starring in one.

  • In case the good politicians in UP missed Singhvi's online exploits due to a lack of internet connectivity, the government will be outfitting them with 3G-enabled smartphones. It's good to know that our tax money is being put to good use.

  • The Japanese deliver our weekly dose of bizarre with a quaint pillow dubbed as Hugvie. Just pop your mobile phone into it, and the onboard electronics and vibrators work their magic according to the tone and volume of the caller. The weird gadget is pitched at lovers, who can virtually experience physical intimacy over the phone by hugging the vibrating cushion. Hopefully, the pillow is machine washable.

  • It's a fact of life that nothing is truly free, and a group of parents in California realised this the hard way after their kids ran up massive credit card bills through free iOS games. They are now in the process of suing Apple for making it easy for kids to spend real money on in-game micro-transactions. Well, suing others is the only recourse when you aren't allowed to beat your kids.

  • Despite major security concerns, Google Street View was finally launched for three major cities in Israel. Unfortunately, major sections of the Israeli intelligence services are convinced that it's the terrorists who stand to gain the most from the service. Then again, Israel has its own version of Street View.

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