NASA Brings Internet To The Entire Solar System! |

NASA Brings Internet To The Entire Solar System!

Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networks established by NASA is currently being tested in the International Space Station.


A team of NASA scientists, along with Dr Vinton G Cerf (Vice president of Google), has designed a system that provides internet to the entire solar system. This project aims to enhance the data availability for various explorations being performed at the space stations.Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networks use store-and-forward techniques, in order to compensate for intermittent link connectivity.

The network stores a limited bundle of data in nodes (including a communication path) until it can be retransmitted or forwarded. The packets are then re-bundled at the final destination, which could be some stations on earth, some other planet, or some spaceships in deep space.

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“Our experience with DTN on the space station leads to additional terrestrial applications especially for mobile communications in which connections may be erratic and discontinuous. In some cases, battery power will be an issue and devices may have to postpone communication until battery charge is adequate. These notions are relevant to the emerging ‘Internet of Things’.” said Dr Cerf. 

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