New Karbonn Mobile Features To Ensure Women Safety |

New Karbonn Mobile Features To Ensure Women Safety

The mobile SOS App will be rolled out to users over the next few months.


We all have at some point pretended to be on a call if we feel we are being stalked by someone while walking and we have all had a deodorant spray handy to defend ourselves in case of an assault. We all have our own defense mechanisms to ward off the horde of perverts, stalkers and trouble makers that we may encounter. Things seem to change and women need not fret about being alone at anytime, anywhere.

The new government directive under the Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad is a welcome step towards harnessing the full potential of mobile devices which could be a potent tool in ensuring women’s safety. Karbonn Mobiles have already been working on developing a mobile SOS app for women which would be unrolling for Karbonn customers over the next few months. These features are not just useful in times of distress but would also help to ensure safety when the user is vulnerable, thus safeguarding them from potential threats.

This safety app enables users to send alert messages to emergency contacts with a single tap on the home screen; share their location to select contacts at a predefined time or distance automatically, enabling their emergency contacts to keep a tab on the users’ location in real time; raise and send alarms discreetly by simply shaking the device without the need to unlock the screen especially when the mobile device is in a handbag etc. or even send alerts by simply pressing down the power button for a certain duration.

This mobile SOS app could also be used by educational institutions or corporate houses for ensuring safety of its female students and employees respectively as the app could be set to transmit a message once a person reaches a pre-assigned destination such as home, office or school confirming that the employee or the student has reached her destination using office or personal transport.


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