After OnePlus, Xiaomi All Set To Launch Mi Protect Insurance Service |

After OnePlus, Xiaomi All Set To Launch Mi Protect Insurance Service

Will pick up and deliver your damaged smartphone with Mi Protect Insurance.


Apple started it, HTC followed up, soon OnePlus climbed aboard and now we have Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi. What we are talking about is mobile insurance services by means of extending the warranty of your smartphone or tablet.

Xiaomi finally seems geared up to launch its own Mi Protect device insurance service in India. The smartphone maker will launch two protection plans, that will save you from the wrath of all those expensive repair costs when you accidentally damage your Xiaomi device.

The insurance will protect your smartphone from “accidental” damage caused by anything from spilling hot liquid over your smartphone to something as random as accidentally dropping your smartphone from your balcony.

The 12-month warranty that will cost you Rs 275 for the Redmi 2, Redmi 2 Prime and Rs 499 for your Mi 4i 16 GB, Mi 4 16 GB and Mi Pad, does provide some peace of mind. Xiaomi who has collaborated with OneAssist will have reps coming to your doorstep to check the device, which will also be picked up and delivered back to you, once the servicing is complete.

And while Xiaomi does promise to deliver, there are a few issues to do with getting the insurance as usual.

For example, you can avail the Mi Protect plan only when purchasing a new Xiaomi device. This means that once you receive your new smartphone, all your have to do is call up the customer care number and activate the service. What this also means, is that if you already purchased the smartphone and have not activated the Mi Protect plan within the time frame, you may have lost out on that golden opportunity.

The good bit is that Xiaomi will allow you to transfer your Mi Protect plan from one smartphone to another in case your happen to purchase a new smartphone from Xiaomi.

While everything does sound pretty impressive, we are pretty sure the claims process will have many customers repenting on their Mi Protect plans, as all insurance plans are very, very specific. You can click on the source link for all of those details. Still then, this is a great move by Xiaomi and will boost buyer confidence in the brand in crowded smartphone market place.


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