Here’s Why The Apple iPhone 7 Is Better Than The iPhone 6s |

Here’s Why The Apple iPhone 7 Is Better Than The iPhone 6s

3D Touch is an optional navigation aid for now and ‘options’ make little sense.

Here’s Why The Apple iPhone 7 Is Better Than The iPhone 6s

Ah! Where do I begin with the new iPhone 6s. As i watched the unveiling of Apple’s newest ‘s’ iPhone I could not help but notice the amount of work that’s gone into Apple’s newest iPhone.

In fact, it is the best ‘s’ iPhone that Apple has ever built and this is not because it comes with hardware that is twice as powerful as the previous generation, but because it has brought something new to iOS and the smartphone in a sensible way. Still then, that does not mean you rush to to buy it when it reaches India.


3D Touch

The iPhone 6s simply did not impress until 3D Touch was demoed.

While it did look like a long-press that is available on Android and Windows Phone and iOS platforms, it is anything but that. Think of it more as a right click. A chance to peek into details before you get there and not just Peek, but Pop and preview it as well.

The technology is really impressive, the combination of a capacitive display with resistive-like features, where the screen actually flexes (very, very little) to know when to deliver quick short cuts.

No this is not a gimmicky long press. The reason why Apple used 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s was because a long-press actually takes a “long time” to enable a feature.

The work around is 3D Touch. A display that detects varying levels of pressure. So if you want to see more options from an icon on your home screen, simply press it a bit harder (for an instant pop up with options) instead of pressing down the icon with your finger and waiting like a fool.

Getting to your slow-mo camera will not need you to open the camera first, but just press harder and get straight to it when it opens up. For those of you who were wondering, the new display is the sole reason why Apple cannot include the same gestures in iOS 9 for other iDevices.



Still then 3D Touch has a long way to go. There is a learning curve, even though it is a gradual one. The feature needs developer support. And while Apple has that responsive developer support, it will still be hard for many to customise apps for the same. This is because not all iPhones will support the feature, just the new iPhone 6s models and not even the new iPad Pro. So the reason for developers to opt in for 3D Touch right now are very few.

It will take the iPhone 7 for developers to be confident about 3D Touch.

I am an iPhone 6 Plus owner and there is no ways I am giving away my smartphone for a 6s Plus simply to use 3D Touch. It is something I can do without until every other iPhone out there begins to support it (and mine does not).

3D Touch is not the only way to use an iPhone and that it what makes it “just another way” to use your iPhone. This itself makes it an extra feature and not a necessity, killing its purpose.


The iPhone 7 will utilize 3D touch better

In short 3D touch will impress you no matter where you are coming from. But if it is the only reason for you to buy the iPhone 6s, we would suggest you wait for the iPhone 7 instead.

It will make more sense when the ecosystem adopts the technology rather than be an early adopter who stands out for no reason (the demo only showed off Instagram and native apps).

The iPhone 5/5s owner should however find the iPhone 6s a worthwhile bump. And he clearly does not mind being an early adopter because there is a lot else to benefit from (hardware).

3D touch is the Apple’s answer to the long press. A right click for your mobile phone’s UI that works instantaneously and not a millisecond later. It will be a revolution, not now, but on the iPhone 7 when many have already upgraded to an iPhone 6s, and Apple makes 3D Touch the only way to use an iOS device.

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