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What’s New In Apple’s iPhone 6S And The Mighty iPad Pro

From 3D Touch to 4K video recording, it’s all in here.

What’s New In Apple’s iPhone 6S And The Mighty iPad Pro

Apple announced four new products at its yearly iPhone launch event last night. While Apple TV and the Apple Watch were minor upgrades, it was the iPad Pro and the iPhone 6s models that were the highlights of the keynote.

Both the devices come from existing categories, with iPad Pro stepping into the desktop class arena, bringing professional editing features to a tablet.

But its not just a bump up on hardware front, but a redesign of sorts.

iPhone 6s

The world almost already knew what Apple was about to present at its keynote for the iPhone 6s. What they did not know, was how these new features would function when put together.

3D Touch was clearly the highlight with Apple demonstrating how easy and sensible a long press (Peek gesture) and and even longer press (Pop) did. Peek basically delivers options similar to a right click, while Pop will let you delve deeper without actually getting there in the app. For e.g. Tapping on the Instagram icon will reveal a hidden menu allowing you to jump directly to the camera, saving time and may be even some data (newsfeed loads etc.)

From Peek to Pop

How different apps react to 3D Touch

3D Touch also helps with the new Dynamic (animated) wallpaper selections. These beautifully animated wallpapers will play and react upon touching the lockscreen.

Coming to the camera, there’s a bigger 12 MP sensor on the back that now also includes OIS for both the still camera and the video recordings (iPhone 6s Plus only). More impressive (for Apple at least) is the introduction of the 4K recording. There is a Live Photos feature that lets you pick a few frames before and after that results in a playable GIF-like photograph (yes, Nokia did it first), but with sound. And yes, those 4K videos can also be edited on the iPhone 6s.

As for the basic hardware, the new iPhone 6s is 70 percent faster at the CPU and 90 percent faster with the GPU, which simply translates to better gaming and app performance. And lets not for forget the 2 GB of RAM (LDPPR 4) that helps run all those operations.

iPad Pro

The Apple’s all-new iPad Pro was simply the most unexpected thing to be showcased at the keynote. The monster iPad features a 12.9 inch Retina display, with higher pixel density than the Macbook Pro at 2732 x 2048 pixels. Clearly, Apple was trying to show off how much could be accomplished with the iPad Pro, but it was not just Apple who demoed some of the Apple Pencil (stylus) features but also Microsoft (who has apparently given up on hardware these days).

While Microsoft showed off how the iPad Pro is efficient with Office apps, Apple demoed how the new tool helps professionals tweak and edit stuff with precision built apps like Photoshop, iMovie and AutoCAD 360.

The Apple Pencil delivers a zero lag experience and feels natural. This means that applying pressure will lead to thicker stroke, while titling the tip to it’s side will provide a shade-like effect.

Lastly, there is the new Keyboard accessory, one, that basically checks all the boxes for the iPad to turn into a 2-in-1. It needs no wires, no charging and simply connects via the new connector on the iPad Pro.Its just 4mm thin and provides a water and stain resistance surface that comes with 64 keys. And since this is made by Apple (with some help from Logitech) it comes with some short cut keys and functions as well.

In short, Apple’s changes appear subtle to the consumer and that is a good thing as it requires less learning compared to big UI changes that presents a steep learning curve. And all of this may lead to another record-breaking quarter soon.

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The new iPhone 6S comes will be out for sale on the 25th of September in the US, while the iPad Pro arrives in November.


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