How To Install iOS 9 Public Beta In 5 Simple Steps |

How To Install iOS 9 Public Beta In 5 Simple Steps

Can be completed in an hour provided you have a high-speed internet connection.

How To Install iOS 9 Public Beta In 5 Simple Steps

Everyone’s doing it; because everyone is tired of iOS 8 and the bugs that it brought along.

Well, iOS 9 has been demoed and while that will arrive in September, the iOS 9 Public Beta is here to solve and make your iOS experience better.

Technically, iOS 9 public beta does not arrive without its bugs (frankly speaking even the final versions don’t) the thing is that it is still stable enough compared to previous developer builds that have been floating around.

More so you get to try out something new and refreshed, and according to our day long test, it stands and does an even better job compared to iOS 8.4, especially when it comes to battery life.

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So without further adieu, here’s how you can get the iOS 9 public beta firmware onto your iOS device. Remember that most of the operation is carried out on the device itself:

1. Sign up for the Public Beta on the beta website by using your Apple ID (from your iOS device)

2. Once signed in, Back up the device using iTunes on your PC or Mac and then archive it

3. Head back to the beta page and click on enroll for beta

4. Download the Profile and then tap on the Install button

5. Once your device restarts, head to Settings>General>Software Update and you will see that the download for the new iOS 9.0 update has already begun

If your device has not started downloading the update you can hit the check for updates button and then you can download and install the same.

If I don't like iOS 9, can I uninstall it? Yes, you can. Here's our simple iOS 9 Public Beta uninstall guide.

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