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4 Ultra-Annoying Viral Videos

A few ghastly works of cinematic art that made it big on the net.

4 Ultra-Annoying Viral Videos

If you're looking for some offhand entertainment, the internet can be your best friend. But it also throws up quite a few Frankenstein's monsters along the way — "internet stars" whom everybody loathes. These iconic talents take the world by storm — because of people's curiosity or by plain luck, I'll never know — but I refuse to suffer alone! Here are four artists who owe their fame and prosperity to the dregs of the worldwide web. Like they say, God takes care of everybody…

Seeing Is Belibing
Way back in 2010, Justin Bieber gave a new meaning to writing one's own destiny. His claim to fame: A song that had only the word "baby" making up the entire chorus! Back at the time, I actually thought Baby ft. Ludacris was crooned by Lady Gaga. (Well, that's another disaster, but let's not get there). Baby wasn't Bieber's first online appearance; the song is a part of his second album, My World 2.0. At last count, the video had 789,011,471 hits and climbing. Incidentally, he's also one of the most hated, with 1,374,767 likes pitted against 3,036,877 dislikes.

It Matters If It's Black!
Whoever said karma is a bitch hasn't met Rebecca Black! She makes Justin Bieber sound as good as Madonna (well, he does sound like a little girl). Ms Black's lack of talent isn't limited to her singing: Her song-writing skills leave me at a loss for words. One thing I can tell you, I have no second thoughts about this one being the worst of the lot. The world seems to agree: 203,242 likes versus 837,135 dislikes. But what actually sends shudders down my spine that she continues to put up videos!

Going For The Kill
If you thought teens get away with crappy songs because they're hormonal, we Indians prove otherwise. Twenty-nine-year-old Dhanush crooned the obnoxious "Why This Kolaveri Di" much to the glee of many in this country: we were dying to come up with our very own viral stars! The song makes no sense, and to explain what the word means became every "South Indian's" nightmare. If you haven't yet found a "madrasi" to explain it to you, well, Kolaveri is exactly what comes over me when the question is asked — a mad killing rage. And just when I thought Dhanush (better known as Rajnikant's son-in-law) couldn't hit newer lows, the original video from the movie was unveiled. This one makes the leak seem like a work of art. What you learn at the end of this episode is, if you're honest enough to admit that you wrote a "flop song", people will fight to prove you wrong. Honesty still has its place in the world.

Celebrate World Records, Gangnam Style!
And... the best for the last! The last major viral video we've witnessed is South Korean pop-star PSY's "masterpiece" single called Gangnam Style. You see PSY riding an imaginary horse in the following settings: A beach, a stable, a snow blizzard, a yoga session, a jogging track, and a pool. Non-Koreans wouldn't understand what it means, and no-one bothers to find out either. The video has become so much larger than life that it holds the Guinness World Record for the most liked video on YouTube — leaving behind LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem (1,601,922 likes) and Justin Bieber’s Baby (1,374,767 likes) by miles. Moreover, it has more likes (4,089,045) than dislikes (197,070)! I watched the version featuring singer HYUNA, and I can safely say that the original is bearable. Like all other songs, this one has its share of parodies (even the North Korean government has created one), but nothing beats KP's impersonation of Chris Gale: Gangnam, Bhangra style!

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