The 5 Browser Add-Ons That Everyone Must Have |

The 5 Browser Add-Ons That Everyone Must Have

We browse the internet religiously every day. It’s in our system, and we need it for survival. Here are few add ons to make life much easier.

The 5 Browser Add-Ons That Everyone Must Have

Browser add ons are designed for a reason, to make browser faster, secure and easy for users. We surf the web to social network, shop and for entertainment. A few wisely choosen add ons can help us in effective and easy browsing.

LastPass Password Manager: For The “dadada” Passwords!

Even the Facebook CEO wasn’t spared, so why risk your online identity and information? We manage multiple accounts, from social media sites to online banking. It is not advisable to write our passwords in a book or share them with anyone. It is a task indeed to remember all the complex passwords for each site. LastPass is a password manager that will helps users log into any of their accounts without having to remember and manually entering the password. The add-on secures your personal information along with passwords in a secure vault. It auto fills web browser and generates new and secure passwords. In order for users to login any of their accounts all they need to do is enter their master password.


Web of trust (WOT) : Safety First!

We are slaves to online content. From Googling information to downloading the latest episode of Game of Thrones we are indebted to internet. However online safety and security is our prime concern. As much as we fiercely guard our personal belongings, we need to guard are space on the web. Web of Trust is helps in safe search results. The search results are identified as safe, with caution and not safe to browse which are indicated by green, yellow and red colors respectively. ‘Web of trust’ add-on is available on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

PriceBlink : Economical Online Shopping!

We are smart consumers. We work hard and we love to ensure that we spend our hard earned money in the right way. Nevertheless, we have all fallen for the flat sale gimmick online. PriceBlink is a precious add on that is used as real-time price comparison tool. With this extension we no longer have to manually browse through various e-commerce portals and compare prices. When the user views a particular product, PriceBlink in a blink of the eye scans over numerous similar products with lower prices. Discounts and Coupon code appear automatically when the user shops a product from the store. Need any more reasons to use this extension?

BugMeNot : No more Login Hassles!

It’s extremely frustrating and annoying to login or register on a site, when all we want is just to surf and find the information we are looking for. BugMeNot which is aptly named helps users to browse websites without actually entering their e-mail id and other details. It retrieves the login details from BugMeNot Website, and the user can automatically browse the site without the usual please let us know you are human notifications!

Greasemonkey : For A Refreshing Look!

Do away with the old boring web page. Greasemonkey allows users to customize their web page appearance and new functions to their page. With over hundred scripts readily available for users but users can also create their own using Javascript.

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