Here's What Makes Jaybird X2 A Great Buy For Rs 15,999 |

Here's What Makes Jaybird X2 A Great Buy For Rs 15,999

The premium earphones are specially made for people who love both music and sports.

Here's What Makes Jaybird X2 A Great Buy For Rs 15,999

Priced at Rs 15,999, the Jaybird X2 is the latest and by far the best sounding earphone made by the company.

But, that's not it all. It comes with a couple of great features making it definitely a perfect buy, especially, if you love both music and sports.

While the price tag is not easily reachable by everyone, the product is worth the money.

Speaking about features, the Jaybird X2 comes with an 8 hour battery allowing you to charge it once and run the whole day without any worries about the earphones popping out from your ears. Well, the earphones stay secured in your ears with the rubberized ear fins.

The matte finish of the earphones definitely gives it a premium look. Also, the company claims the X2 Wireless earphones to be sweat-proof with life-time warranty.

While these features definitely make the earphones worth the holes in your pocket, the Comply Foam tips make it extremely comfortable to put them on and listen to some high quality music on-the-go. The Comply Foam tips available with the X2 also improves isolation and there by enhances the level and style of music being heard by cancelling the outdoor noise.

Having said this, most of the Bluetooth wireless earphones and headphones come with a common complaint, and that is the quality of audio being poor. However, Jaybird X2 seems to outstand them with built-in 'Shift' Premium Bluetooth audio.

Adding more on to this, the earphones also come with voice prompts giving us information on the connectivity, pairing and powering-on of the X2.

Accessories that come with Jaybird X2 Wireless earphones

Another important feature that improves the premium look of the earphones is the rubber-type flat wire that joins the X2 Wireless Buds.

Overall, though the price seems to be a little heavy for a small pair of earphones, it actually gives a premium audio output with great features that come bundled in it. Also, the earbuds will not be slipping out of your ears.

The Jaybird X2 has been launched in India partnering with Ferrari Video and its retail brand, Headphone Zone. You can buy one here.

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