Get Ready For On Screen Fingerprint Sensor

The technology involves ultrasound sensor bonded to Gorilla Glass.


Sonavation, an American company known for its biometric solutions, has managed to bond an ultrasound sensor with Corning Gorilla Glass. What this means is that you can now unlock your phone by placing your finger on the screen. Manufacturers will no longer have to integrate the sensor on the phone's body — Home button in most cases.

The trick here is to use 3D ultrasound biometric sensor to capture fingerprint data. The sensor is bonded under 400 micron thick under glass. Sonavation claims that this new method will allow authentication despite moisture, dirt or oil.

Since most manufacturers use Gorilla Glass, this new tech will make it easier and relatively cheaper for manufacturers to integrate biometric systems. But, at the back of my mind, I still think that phone makers should really focus on basics such as good camera or battery life than these fancy things.

I never liked the idea of biometrics. You can blame some of it on the excessive dystopian sci-fi movies I watch. But then I understand that while you may not like a certain technology, development is always welcome.

TAGS: Mobile Phones, Security