Telcos Will Hike Tariffs By 30% This Year

Call charges will be increased for both prepaid and billed connections.


Brace yourself for a 20-30% increase in your mobile phone bills this year, as all leading operators are set to raise call tariffs in order to cut losses. This comes at a time when service providers have been paying penalties running into crores of rupees for various violations. Vodafone has apparently set the ball rolling with a 20% raise in billed tariffs from January for Delhi users. The hike will soon extend to other regions as well. Director Samaresh Parida blamed the government, stating that the company was left with no choice in the face of mounting costs. While the increased fare will not spare users with pre-paid connections either, they will be affected only after March.

Other operators are also likely to follow suit soon. Having said that, consumers will be better informed this time around, as the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has already ordered telcos to publish tariff plans in newspapers. While phone users were thus far happy at the directives issued by the regulator to ensure better services, this latest news will certainly dampen their enthusiasm.

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