Sony To Let Go Of Its Iconic OmniBalance Design Language

Xperia Z2 series will be the last to sport the design which took off with the original Z.


If you love the design of the Xperia Z series handsets from Sony, then now is your last chance to buy one according to Kurozumi Yoshiro, Sony Mobile’s Creative Director.

Wait! Before you jump to conclusions about a design defect, let’s just say that it is not even closely related to that topic. The Japanese media has been in talks with Sony Mobile’s Creative Director after the unveiling of the beautiful Z2 handset which follows the OmniBalance design philosophy. In a surprising turn of events, he stated that Sony would end the use of this design idea, as they feel that they need to move on. The OmniBalance design was introduced with the Xperia Z. Sony claims that its sole purpose was to make a device easy to use and must look beautiful from every angle.

The Creative Director said that the industry is moving at such a quick pace, that it has become essential not to stick to a certain design for too long. “In order to maintain a flagship, you must update at this frequency,” said Mr Kurozumi. When asked about the product refresh cycle, he said Sony does not adopt a yearly one like Apple; commenting that the Sony Xperia Z2 which has not even reached buyers yet, will be the flagship for the just the first half of 2014. This clearly indicates that Sony will be innovating at a rapid pace in-order to fix designs and release updates with a product refresh cycle of just 6 months! Let’s just hope that the Android updates keep up and land on devices in time along with those 6 monthly refresh cycles.

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