Sandisk Unveils A Pen Drive For Your Smartphone

Your mobile device will need to support USB OTG.


SanDisk India has launched the Ultra Dual USB Drive with dual USB ports. What makes this Flash USB Drive so special is that it has USB 2.0 (male) port on one end and micro-USB (male) port on the other, with 16 to 64 GB of flash storage in between.

This USB drive is compatible with Android and Symbian devices and of course your normal Windows and Mac machines. This removes the need for cheap USB OTG cables that can harm your mobile device. Being a ‘plug-and-play’ device you can be assured that there will be no waiting for drivers to load no matter which device you connect it to. There is also the free SanDisk Memory Zone app that allows for quick backups either to the memory card or online storage services like DropBox allowing you to free up your Android device’s internal memory.

An important point to note here is that your device will need to have USB OTG support in order to connect to any USB device. The drive is available in 16, 32 and 64 GB capacities and comes at suggested retail price of Rs 1,199 to Rs 3,800 which is quite a steal for the cable-free functionality it offers.

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