Facebook Home UI Leaks Before Official Launch

Users can now download the APKs and try the skin on their Android handsets.


For those who are itching to give the Facebook Home UI a quick spin, can do that well before getting their hands on the HTC First. A pre-release version of the software has been leaked online as a set of three different APKs, all of which need to be installed on the device. However, this software will not work with all Android handsets. For it to work, you need a smartphone with maximum pixel dimensions of 768x1280, and the Facebook app shouldn't be installed on the phone. If the setup is on the ROM though, you'll probably have to root your phone to get rid of it. That being said, users of some handsets have been spared this ordeal, those with a Nexus device can install the APKs without uninstalling FB.

As per MoDaCo.com, the three apps include the main 'katana' Facebook app, the now-integrated-with-your-SMS 'orca' Messenger app, and the 'home' Launcher shell app. While the software is now available to try, it is advisable to do so with caution: Make sure that you take adequate backups, just in case something goes wrong.

Update: This bunch of APK files seem to have been detected and shutdown remotely by Facebook, so all you get now is a black screen. A wait of three more days it is, then.

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