Google Extends Exchange ActiveSync Support For Windows Phone Devices Until End Of July

Gives enough room to Microsoft to implement CardDAV and CalDAV protocols for their operating system.


With regard to data portability, Google threw the first punch and decided to drop Gmail's support for Microsoft's proprietary Exchange ActiveSync protocol for syncing contacts and calendar entries across multiple devices. This would cause Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system to not fully sync with anyone using a Google account. Google argued that if Microsoft wants to continue syncing Google accounts beyond January 30th 2013 they will need to adopt Google's own syncing protocol known as CardDAV and CalDAV, which are more open standards.

In a recent turn of events, it looks like Microsoft has managed to convince Google to extend support for Exchange ActiveSync until 31st July 2013. This should give the folks at Redmond enough time (hopefully) to develop and release an update with CardDAV and CalDAV support for their Windows Phone 8 operating system. This lease of life is only for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 platform and not for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Google and Microsoft are competitors, with their respective mobile operating systems being used on smartphones sold by a number of brands.

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