Apple App Store Crosses 40 Billion Downloads Milestone

…but Google Play store is fast catching up.


If you are an app developer, now seems to be the most lucrative to develop apps for iDevices. Apple has announced that it has registered over 40 billion apps downloads from the App Store, according to a press release. In case you are wondering, it was at half this number a year ago and has literally doubled by now. Looks like it is accelerating swiftly, as 2 billion downloads were registered in December 2012 alone. Apple's App Store has more than 775,000 apps and games for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with the number swelling every day.

The developer community should also feel upbeat about this news as Apple also announced that it has paid out over $7 billion to app developers. Launched in 2008, the App Store crossed 15 billion downloads in July 2011 and 25 billion in March 2012. The figures do not include updates or re-downloads, making it clear that this number is not an inflated estimate.

Meanwhile, Google Play store, which caters to Android devices, is said to taken a lead with respect to number of apps with over 800,000 apps as of now, according to Sociable and is projected to hit the 1 million mark by June 2013. It is still far behind in terms of the number of app downloads, reaching 25 billion in September 2012. However, the surge in the number of apps downloads is even more evident in this case with over 15 billion being downloaded in 2012 alone. We won't be surprised if Apple App Store and Google Play store are neck-and-neck by the end of next year, as far as the number of downloads is concerned.

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