Vuclip Launches Mira!, A Women-Centric Mobile Video Portal, In India

Offers free access to health, cookery, and entertainment videos for the fairer sex; is compatible with a wide range of handsets.


Vuclip has launched a mobile video portal called Mira!, dedicated to women in India. The channel will provide free access to programmes covering various topics such as health, beauty, parenting, cookery, careers, and entertainment.

According to the company, the term "mira", meaning "wonderful" in Latin and "prosperity" in Sanskrit, represents the woman. During the launch event, Vuclip's Vice President Advertising Sales, Meera Chopra, said that only 14% of its 11 million users in India are women. With the release of this women-centric channel though, Vuclip expects to double its female userbase. Chief guest Kiran Walia, Women Development Minister for Delhi, also noted that mobile penetration among women in our country is only about 28%, as compared to 40% among men. She hoped that more mobile content oriented towards women would boost cellphone adoption among them. In my opinion, giving them all the Angry Birds games for free would be a lot more effective.

The Mira! service can be accessed from a wide variety of phones, from an entry-level, GPRS-enabled Java handset to a top-end smartphone. To view the content, click this link, or enter in your phone's browser. Who wants to bet that a hell of a lot more men are going to end up visiting the site, then staying on for a lot longer than could be deemed appropriate?

Vuclip Launches Mira!, A Women-Centric Mobile Video Portal, In India

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