Three Reasons To Pick Up The Samsung Galaxy Note5 Over The S6 Edge+

Now that Samsung’s road warrior is up for pre-order, we think it is a better choice over the gimmicky S6 edge+.

Three Reasons To Pick Up The Samsung Galaxy Note5 Over The S6 Edge+

Samsung’s Galaxy Note5 has finally arrived in India at an MOP of Rs 53,990. Now that you can pre-book it online, there are plenty of reasons for choosing the Note5 over the S6 edge+.

While we loved the design and admired Samsung’s craftsmanship on the Galaxy S6 edge+ in our hands-on, we do think it is a bit of a gimmick.

There is an LED light in place for notifications, which replaces the need to remember the colour and conclude when the phone is face down with edge lighting. Then there is the display, that looks gorgeous, but also reflects everything around you thanks to its dual curved edges.

Talking about curved edges, while they do have some more features like Apps Edge over just People Edge on the smaller Galaxy S6 edge, we fail to see a practical use of the curved edges over a flat display (may be the BlackBerry Venice will pull of something better).

So in short, edge+ is a better replacement for the smaller Galaxy S6 edge instead of the Note5.

Clearly, the Note5 is in a league of its own, (it is a phablet after all). It is large, comes with the best hardware chops and even includes a handy S Pen stylus for all your clipping and writing needs.

So why should you choose the Samsung Galaxy Note5 over the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+? Here are our top 3 reasons:

1. Display:

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 is large and not as compact as the S6 edge+, but still is easier to grip than the slippery edge+. Coming to the display, Samsung has included the edge+ display just to turn heads. Samsung experimented with one curved edge on the Note Edge last year, but its success was pretty limited simply because it was not practical and did not pack in any useful features. Business users and those looking to get the maximum from their smartphones prefer flat displays because they are practical and do not have so may reflections.


The Note5 is large and not as compact as the S6 edge+, but still is easier to grip than the slippery edge+ thanks to its thicker frame. Also while capturing images it is difficult to grip the edge+ with one hand when held horizontally. Those protruding buttons poke your hands as well, when you are trying to grip those slim edges.

3. S Pen:

The S Pen may not appeal to many, but if you are the creative types or simply like to doodle and even clip things from PDF docs, the stylus makes a lot of sense.

Apart from the fact that it does get stuck when inserted the other way in, it is the reason why the Note series exists. Remember, that this is the first year where Samsung has introduced a large flagship smartphone without a stylus, which is why the Galaxy S6 edge+ may feel no love at all; except to those upgrading from the smaller edge for better battery life.

So those where our top three reasons to buy a Note5. If you do have any doubts, just head to a store and try out both the smartphones before you take the leap online.

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