Opinion: Smartwatches Are Utter Waste Of Money

Yes, I refuse to wear a smartwatch that looks ugly and needs to be charged every day.

Opinion: Smartwatches Are Utter Waste Of Money

Technology sector moves at swift pace. Look how quickly those CRT TV’s got replaced by LCDs and Plasmas. Similarly, smartphones have come a long way. Today’s handsets can perform tasks that were only meant for computers a decade ago. That’s a bright side of the story. However, sometimes these companies come up with gimmicks backed by clever marketing to rob you off your hard-earned money. A perfect example here is 3D television. Save for a few hours’ wow factor, you’re actually paying premium for the headache induced by watching 3D content. In mobile space, smartphone specs are reaching its saturation point. So in order to make you buy more stuff, these phone-manufacturers are giving smartwatches an aggressive push. Priced as much as a mid-range smartphones, are these watches really worth your money? Well, I certainly don’t think so. And here’s why:

They Look Awful
Ugly phones are fine since they spend most of the time in your pocket or purse. However, if you want me to wear something on my wrist, it better be good looking. Unfortunately, most smartwatches available in the market today look downright hideous. You can argue that the Moto 360 looks decent, but then it hasn't been announced yet. The size is another concern. I'm sure nobody would want to sport a device that looks like a shrunken smartphone attached to straps.

Pathetic Battery Life
It’s convenient to charge your smartphone since it lingers on your office desk for hours. However, a watch is something you want to wear all the time. That's exactly why I refuse to wear a watch that needs to be charged every day. I don't care how, but the smartwatches should last at least a week on a single charge to change my perspective.

Do You Really Want to Talk To Your Hand?
With Bluetooth pairing, you can use a few smartwatches for voice calls. Same goes for Google Wear, where you use voice commands to get things done. But, talking to your wrist-watch makes you look incredibly stupid. Sounds too harsh? Well, check out the image of this attractive person receiving a call on GALAXY Gear.

An Expensive Accessory To Check Notifications
The manufacturers want you to spend around 20k for a gadget that displays notifications pushed by your phone. First, these companies drive you to buy phones with huge screens and then convince you to shell out extra money to save you from the hassle of bringing out these unwieldy devices. Seriously, if you think that checking notifications on your phone is a difficult task, it’s time for you to buy a phone-sized phone, and not an accessory.

Health Apps, Really?
In a country like India, where there’s a Doctor at every corner, do you really need a heart-beat monitor in your watch? We’re not even sure about the accuracy of these trackers. Even if they’re accurate, what will you do with that data? There’s a good chance that many users will start comparing their calorie burn and other stats with friends as if it’s a Temple Run game score. Brace yourself for “My heart-beat is better than yours”.

This is my opinion, and I'm sure many people will disagree with some of the points made in this piece (or maybe the entire article). I can already see my colleague looking at me furiously as I type this. So, if you guys think that I'm wrong, use the comments section below, and tell us how these smartwatches can make your life easier.

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