10 Creative Professions Obsessed With Data Storage

NAS is a digital file storage device that connects to your Ethernet port on a Wi-Fi router or network.

10 Creative Professions Obsessed With Data Storage

Individual freelancers to full time employees of a firm, creative professionals are almost always generating new content. Not only does the increasing amount of data require a large amount of memory, but sometimes there is a need to make the data available almost instantly. Along with this it is important to keep the content secure from any type of hardware failure.

Network-attached storage (NAS) systems, resolve these challenges and more, for creative professionals. NAS is a digital file storage device that connects to your Ethernet port on a Wi-Fi router or network so that multiple computers and mobile devices on that network can easily access, share and stream photos, videos, music and other important files from anywhere with an internet connection.

Creative Professionals Who Benefit From A Powerful NAS


Professional photographers can have archives containing several hundreds or even thousands of images. For instance, a sports photographer takes close to 3000 images at one match, this total up to nearly 70GB to 75GB of data. After shooting multiple matches or events, there will be a mountain of data collected. Using a NAS, all this work can be centralized in one place and the photographer can access the images whenever he needs to.

Architects and Engineers

Architects and engineers generally work together as a team. Although every member of a team works individually on one or the other element of the project, all the files related to the project are expected to be stored in one central location that is accessible by all the team members. They need a streamlined project management solution that allows the project manager and all other members of the team to access the files at the job site and on the go, irrespective of the quality of the internet connection. NAS systems support this requirement, enabling all the team members to access files simultaneously from a central location without compromising on the performance.

Graphic Artists

Graphic designing is all about creating layers and layers of RAW data that ultimately results into the finished product for the client. Designers working on a freelance basis cater to a number of clients that fall under different categories. It is important for them to have safe means to deliver the final product to every client, including both existing and new ones. Generally these files are too big to be sent through an email and a third party website might not be the most secure option. NAS systems provide a file transfer protocol(FTP)server that allows the designer to send across files safely. Every client would have the required authorization, allowing them to access only their final product.

Video Producers and Editors

The world of video production is evolving with the entry of technologies like 4K video formats. Video producers and editors now create large sized files, with video libraries containing several hundred gigabyte files for a 30 seconds’ commercial clip. The idea of losing a 3D render, a video shoot or any particular element of their work becomes a nightmare. With this the need for larger storage systems also grows and by adding a NAS system to their network, these professionals can not only increase this capacity easily but also ensure backup of their work is done at their specified time.

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Game Designers

Demand for state-of-the-art video games continues to increase. Today’s video games have HD quality and Dolby surrounds sound. The game development workflow has become much more complicated with audio and video getting combined with code that provides lighting, AI and physics, making the entire experience more life-like. Game developers need to take advantage of technologies that work along with audio and video efficiently, but this really stresses their storage performance. NAS systems have RAID capabilities, which provide quick data recovery feature in case of hardware failure. Using this complete data loss can be avoided in most situations, except maybe in case of an apocalyptic event.

Audio Engineers

Audio engineers are associated with the technical side of recording a sound or audio production and they manage to do so through equalization, mixing and electronic effects. These engineers therefore require a system to easily organize every single audio file they create, from samples to the completed scores. A NAS system would empower audio engineers to access, share and stream the digital recordings from their computer, tablets or even smartphones easily.

Web Designers

Web designing is an integration of graphic designing, interface design, authoring, including standardised code, user experience design; and search engine optimization. Web designers need to create a variety of products and services that differentiate them from their competition. A website hosted on NAS would empower the designer to maintain the content better and add new content easily when needed.

Software Developers

The prime focus of a software engineer is fast and efficient development, testing and deploying of their software solutions. Security of the code, the data used and stored on this software also plays an important role in software development. Having the right storage solution would complement the software to identify its complete potential. A good defence against data hacks would be the use of a higher level NAS system. These systems have strong data encryption that prevents unauthorized access.

Interior Designers

Interior designing is all about understanding the behaviour of the consumers to create functional spaces for them to live and work in, decoration being a key element. This requires interior designers to constantly be present at the field and work, only then can they turn empty spaces into a piece of art. In such a scenario, quick access to their files remotely becomes a necessity. A NAS system along with an internet connection enables them to present fun and cool ideas from the field easily.

Extreme Athletes

Extreme athletes are all about speed, from jumping off a mountain to skydiving, even uploading a video online. NAS can provide them with features that support this need for high speed. Athletes can upload videos of their adventures remotely from the field, directly to their self-hosted websites.

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