Pros And Cons Of Having Nokia 3310 In 2017

While Nokia 3310 brings that nostalgic feeling in you, it is worth knowing that you cannot click a selfie with this re-designed legendary phone.

Pros And Cons Of Having Nokia 3310 In 2017

Nokia 3310 is finally launched in India for Rs 3,310 and the fact that it will be available for purchase starting from tomorrow has made the good old Nokia fans go crazy. However, is this phone really worth the price tag of Rs 3,310? If so, what do users get when they purchase the phone? Or is it just a hype that it is getting because of the mere nostalgic factor? Let us find out.

Speaking about the phone, it certainly carries the nostalgic feel with it, and that’s what we somehow love the most. The phone which was also known among the youth in the early 2000’s as a ‘brick phone’ because of its strength and durability is now back in the ring, bringing back the good old memories.

Adding further, it is worth noting that the phone also comes with the all new Snakes game preloaded with it, which is definitely once again a nostalgic feel, which, I am sure, no one wants to miss, especially if you have played it for at least once in your life time!

While being simple yet rugged in its true form, the Nokia 3310 is definitely a boon for those parents and kids who need a phone just for basic communication purposes. Also, this phone is definitely going to be loved by most of the users who are still not comfortable with smartphones.

However, on the other hand, let us see what are the cons that are ahead of us when buying a Nokia 3310. First and foremost, it does not support WhatsApp; well any app for that matter, as the device runs on Nokia’s Series 30+ operating system, which once upon a time ruled the phone industry, but obsolete now.

Additionally, the Nokia 3310 supports mere 2G connectivity. It doesn’t even has 3G support; forget about 4G. And, another negative point that prominently stands out is the fact that the Nokia 3310 comes with a smaller screen, and in this era where we are all used to a display screen sized between 5 and 6 inches, this definitely looks difficult to get adjusted for.

With these facts noted out, there is one more negative point which definitely carries a significant importance with it - You cannot click a selfie with Nokia 3310!

While we definitely love the fact that the legendary phone is back in the scene, we somehow feel it could have been a little more advanced technologically. Anyways, with that in mind, all we can say is - choose your phone wisely.

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