Angry Birds Epic Will Be A Role Playing Game

Rovio is all set to unveils its first RPG game set in the medieval era.


Rovio is all set to announce the latest iteration of its insanely popular franchise Angry Birds. reports that the game is expect to go live in Canadian and Australian App Store as early as this week. However, the final product will take some time before the official launch.

As we already know, the upcoming Angry Birds title is set in the medieval era. A fansite claims that the game will be called Angry Birds Epic. It will be a turn-based RPG (Role Playing Game). The website has acquired screenshots that shed some light on the gameplay. The game will allow you to craft weapons. This can be anything from a wooden sword to a frying pan. As the game progresses, your character will level up. You can even raid piggy hideouts.

The Angry Birds Epic will simultaneously launch across all major platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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