Nokia Announces Treasure Tags For The Forgetful

Colourful NFC accessories come with beepers and HERE Maps tracking.


We have all had those days when we leave the house only to realise that we left the keys behind. It’s for forgetful moments like these that Nokia has come up with a brilliant use of the NFC technology.

With the launch of Treasure Tags, Nokia plan to make tags look cooler and do more. These colourful little block-like accessories come with loops which you can attach a million things to (even your dog). It all depends what you forget most often to narrow things down as they each come at price tag of almost $29.00 (1800 INR). There are basically no limits to what you can do with them.

Whether you have forgotten your keys, or lost your car in a parking lot, Treasure Tags will allow you not only find your prized possessions via a loud tone, but even locate them on HERE Maps.

As we mentioned earlier, these are not your average mindless NFC tags. Treasure Tags come with an accompanying Nokia Treasure Tag app. The app allows you to do a lot more than just remind or alert you when you drift away from something (or even someone for that matter). Every Tag comes with a user-replaceable CR-2032 coin-cell type battery which is touted to last for 6 months and can be replaced on the reverse of the tag.

The app makes it even more fun to use with Live Tile integration, displaying updates about where your tag was last seen. Obviously all tags can be given names with the help of the app, but what makes things more interesting is that you can deactivate these tags with a simple long press of a button.

One more thing that needs to be kept in mind is that your Windows Phone must have:

  1. NFC technology
  2. Lumia Black Update

We hope to see even more variations of these Treasure Tags like a waterproof one for example which would expand its usability.

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