DataWind Tablets Will Woo Cricket Enthusiasts With The CricHQ App

But the company doesn't specify if the app will be preloaded with Aakash as well.


DataWind, known as the manufacturer of Aakash is back in the news. No, the next-iteration of the elusive tablet has not been spotted, and this isn't a new controversy either. This time it's a bit of happy news. The company has tied up with a cricket technology company called CricHQ, whose app will come pre-installed with DataWind tablets. The press release doesn't explicitly mention whether this includes Aakash along with its commercially-available UbiSlate tablets.

The CricHQ app doesn't give you just match scores, ball-by-ball commentary, or match results; it also includes a match scorer functionality that will surely come handy as you play on the field with your friends. It also gives you access to training videos. Now all we need is for these tablets to be available for purchase.

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