LG To Start Shipping 55" Curved OLED TV Soon

Slated to be available only in Korea, at least initially, and will cost approximately $13,500 (Rs 7.7 Lakh)


South Korean manufacturer LG has confirmed that it will start shipping its latest 55" TV with a curved OLED screen in just a few days. It will be available only in Korea as of now. Pre-orders for the model commenced from 29th April this year. The unit will cost a whopping $13,500 (approx Rs 7,70,000), which is $3,600 more than a similar sized flat OLED TV model – 55EM9700. The one of a kind TV was first shown off at CES in January this year, where it wowed visitors by its unique looks.

The 55EA9800 has an Oxide-TFT WRGB Full HD OLED screen that is curved inside – it is cylindrically concave. The company says that this ensures that all the points on the screen will be equidistant from the viewer. Technically speaking, this statement holds true only when there is one viewer watching the TV as the entire screen cannot be equidistant from multiple users. In any case, it should be better than a flat screen TV, and certainly a lot better than the bulgy (convex) CRT TVs of yesteryears. It weighs 17 kg and is just 4.8 mm thick. The panel has been provided rigidity by Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) frame. It incorporates passive 3D technology as is seen in LG TVs. However at that price tag, anything less than a 4K display seems to be unattractive even if the panel is OLED and curved.

LG To Start Shipping 55" Curved OLED TV For $13,500 Very Soon

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