Apple iPhone 4S To Launch In India On November 25

It is believed that the iPhone 4S could launch in India via Airtel and Aircel on November 25.


The iPhone 4S was launched in the US and other few countries on October 14th with much hype and fanfare, with a few other countries followed suit by the end of October. Going by the historical trend, Indian fans didn't expect to see the new Apple flagship at least until the next year. However, it has now come to light from a number of sources that we might not have to wait that long to see the handset hit Indian shores. Well, on Friday, Aircel's Facebook fan page broke the story by mentioning that the iPhone 4S will be brought to the country soon by the carrier, but no additional info was provided. Similarly, Airtel too sent out a message regarding the arrival of handset on Facebook, promising details at a future date. According to sources, it now seems like both the carriers will launch the device on November 25th, which is less than two weeks away.

Aircel India has confirmed the launch of the handset on its network on November 25 via its Facebook Page. It is commendable how the carriers are able to bring the device to the country this early. That being said, we fear that the carriers will exploit the device's popularity by pricing the device beyond the customer's reach like they did with the iPhone 4. We can however expect the prices of the iPhone 4 to come down. Sources suggest that prices for the entry level (16 GB) iPhone 4S could be somewhere between Rs 35,000 to Rs 40,000, which is more than what most smartphones in the market cost. Remember that the 16 GB unlocked version of the device costs $649 in the US which comes to around 32,400 in Indian Rupees. We expect the carriers to launch all three variants of the smartphone in the country.


Apple iPhone 4S To Launch In India On November 25?

While the iPhone 4S has the same form factor and the screen size as the iPhone 4, most of the upgrades are from the inside. On board is a dual core Apple A5 chipset (ARM Cortex A9 processor), 8 MP camera sensor capable of recording 1080p video, and a new dual-antenna system to deal with the infamous death grip issue that plagued its predecessor. A lot will depend on the pricing of the iPhone 4S, so it is believed that Airtel and Aircel will sell the handset on reverse subsidy plans like with the iPhone 4.

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