Samsung May Unveil A Foldable Smartphone This Year

The company’s mobile division head is optimistic about the developments.


Samsung has been teasing a foldable smartphone for years. Using its flexible OLED expertise, the company unveiled an abomination known as the Galaxy Round in 2013. It was nowhere what we had expected. However, this time around, Samsung may unveil something more than a gimmick. Speaking to CNBC, Samsung mobile's CEO DJ Koh said it's "time to deliver" on the long-promised device, and that it could be unveiled at the Samsung Developer Conference in November.
He did not get into the nitty-gritties. However, he did mention that the development process has been "complicated." Koh also stated that the product will be more than a gimmick and will actually be useful.
So far, the rigid batteries and mainboards have been a big hurdle in achieving the flexible or foldable phone. However, recently Korean brands have had a breakthrough in developing flexible batteries. So, if everything goes according to the plans, Samsung should unveil a foldable phone by the end of this year.

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