Next Version Of Apple Watch May Get Cellular Connectivity

Unlike the present model of the Apple Watch, the future model may run as an independent platform, rather than a mere accessory.


It looks like Apple might add cellular connectivity along with a powerful and faster processor into the new upcoming Apple Watch, according to a latest report by Wall Street Journal.

Supporting this report, the Cupertino giant had announced last week that the latest apps for the Apple Watch will be supporting the possibility of running on its own without any support from the iPhone.

As we know, now, the watch apps require iPhone to be connected to the watch in order to transfer data back and forth to the watch. However, the case is expected to be entirely different any time sooner with the upcoming models.

Apple Watches being entirely independent means that the performance should be far better, without any lag that occurs now. However, this will also demand users to subscribe for another data package exclusively for their watch. This may somewhat disappoint many.

However, this new step by Apple would definitely be a straight answer for most of the primary criticisms that claim Apple Watch to be more of an accessory than an actual platform.

[Image Credit: Wired]

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