TechTree Blog: The Game You've Been Waiting For?

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TechTree Blog: The Game You've Been Waiting For?

There's a lively discussion on at YouTube about a game called Save the World or Not. This isn't merely an adult-rated game; it's for adults: A press release by publisher Kingdom Crafting asks whether, as an adult, "you feel that most computer games are not particularly appealing" — noting that adults "have little time for long gaming marathons". And since they want to have fun too, the answer is clearly a game featuring a lot of sex.

Singapore-based Kingdom Crafting claims Save the World or Not is the game "every man was waiting for". I'll admit the trailer is decent enough — but I wouldn't have guessed it's for a game. The clip begs the question of what the gameplay consists of, to which the producer responds (on YouTube) that more videos will follow.

Initial reactions to the trailer will, I'm sure, range from "I'd rather watch porn" to "Interesting… yawn". But let's give Kingdom Crafting the benefit of doubt. Let's be honest: what does an adventure game combined with live-action video and adult content (including "exotic" star Angel Dark), portraying a "relaxed, cool lifestyle" sound like?

It sounds like porn, of course.

I'm going to wait (not with bated breath, though) for some clarity on what the gameplay is. Meanwhile, do tell us what you think about the concept.

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