Nokia 3310 VS Its Cheap Lookalike

Indian smartphone manufacturer has launched a Nokia 3310 lookalike Darago 3310 and it doesn’t impress us.

Nokia 3310 VS Its Cheap Lookalike

Witnessing cheap replicas of popular phones is definitely not a new thing anymore. In-fact, we have seen local technology companies replicating designs of smartphone such as iPhones as well — so accurately that they would even have Android launcher which looks pretty much similar to an iPhone launcher. We get to know that it is a clone only when we open certain apps and try doing certain functions.

We recently came across a Nokia 3310 lookalike made by an Indian manufacturer ‘Darago’. Being called as Darago 3310, it looks pretty much similar to the actual re-designed Nokia 3310. In-fact, its only when you actually place these two devices next to each other and have a look at the display, that you get to know how awful the Darago 3310 is. Well, this would definitely be the case when we compare a Rs 799 phone with an authentic Nokia 3310 which is priced at Rs 3,310.

The Nokia 3310 clone comes with an identical build design including the button layout on the front. In-fact, the button shapes also resemble. The Darago 3310 looks pretty much like Nokia 3310 even from the back as well, with almost similar camera outputs. As we told, one can easily fool somebody in a flash, until they observe the display quality.

While Nokia 3310 comes with a 2.4 inch display, the Darago 3310 features a 1.77 screen which definitely looks pretty old in terms of technology. However, it is available on Flipkart, and the listing mentions that the device comes with 1 MB RAM. It also features a 0.3 MP rear camera with LED flash. On the other hand, the Nokia 3310 comes with a 2 MP rear camera and 16 MB of RAM, which is definitely a direct slap.

However, we should be thankful to Darago as they have used their own logo instead of Nokia logo. Otherwise, many people would be easily fallen for potential scams. And, the best part of Nokia 3310 is — it has the original ‘Snake’ game in it!


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