Japanese Wearable Robotic Tail Wags When You're Happy

Neuron-controlled appendage gives a new excuse to check out someone's derrière.

Just when you thought the Japanese had already invented all the weirdness possible, they've come up with another strange robotic toy. Neurowear has launched a wearable robotic tail, called the Shippo Tail, which wags when the wearer is happy. Incidentally, "shippo" in Japanese means "tail". Unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show 2012, the fluffy white appendage communicates with a smartphone app that detects the mood of the wearer, making it move according to his emotion — not unlike how a dog's tail works. There's been no mention of how the app can detect the user's mood, though.

Neurowear had earlier invented the Necomimi, wearable cat ears controlled in a similar way. Take a look at the video of the Shippo Tail below. While wagging a tail is understandable for dogs since they're unable to verbalize their feelings, it's a real mystery why people would want one when words could do a much better job. Look like the Japs have just come up with an excuse to stare at someone's behind.

Here's the Necomimi. The store at asks: "Have you ever wanted to confidently express yourself without talking?". Looks like someone forgot to tell them that's what a face is for.



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