Samsung Continues Campaign Against Apple's iPhone 5 In New Ad

Undeterred by backlash from its previous attempt, now targets people queuing up to buy the new smartphone.

Samsung is at it again. Not to be deterred by the backlash from Apple fanboys when it brought out the "It doesn't take a genius" ad, the Korean electronics giant has now come up with a video ad that lampoons people buying an iPhone 5. Samsung has taken care not to make any direct references to Apple, but it is pretty obvious that the people in the ad are queued up for the recently launched iOS 6 flagship smartphone.

The ad shows prospective iPhone customers acknowledging that the GALAXY S III has better features. It ends with a customer trying to cheer himself up — and others in the queue! — with an expression of optimism:"Oh we're gonna get that for sure, maybe not this time but the next time, right?"

Samsung needs to brace itself for a new wave of indignation. Check out the advert!


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