Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android |

Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android

Fortifies your mobile phone against intruders.

Rating 4.5 /5
04th Jul 2012
Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Customised and thorough scanning; Theft protection; Call and SMS blocking; Uses low system resources; Priced well.
None that we know of.

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Platform: Anroid
MRP: Rs 460

Mobile phones are swiftly replacing computers as a means of conducting commercial activity such as online banking, paying utility bills, or even buying movie or plane tickets. Naturally, this small device assumes a great importance because it is a point from which the user accesses his bank account with his secret password, something which a hacker would love to acquire. Protecting a mobile phone from hackers and malicious software has therefore become important especially due to the recent spate of events where hackers have tried to play mischief. Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 (KMS9) aims to do just that and a little bit more to make sure that your phone is in safe hands, even when it is stolen.

While KMS9 is available for Android, Symbian, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile, we have tested the Android version. Installing KMS9 is fairly simple. You can either install it from the Android Market, or you can install it from the APK file off the CD provided when you purchase it off the shelf. On installing it, you are given an opportunity to either activate it, or use it as a trial version with full functionality for 7 days to decide whether or not to activate in case you have not bought it already.

Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
You can use KMS9 as a fully functional 7-day trial version before purchasing it.

You are then prompted to enter a password and confirm it. This password protects KMS9 from unauthorised access, asking you to enter it every time you wish to open this application. Next, you must provide an email address to which the secret code is to be mailed if you forget it.

Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Set a secret code to protect KMS9 from unauthorised access.
Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
KMS9 main screen.

The first option on the main screen of the application is Anti-Virus, which protects your device from being infected by malware. Files are automatically scanned when they appear on the device, when applications are started, or when files are opened. You can also initiate a manual scan from here by clicking on Start scan button. The Additional button lets you configure settings such as real-time protection, Protection settings, Scan settings, or initiating the database update.

Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Anti-Virus options can be set here.

Protection settings let you specify the type of files to be protected in real-time, which can either be all files or only executable files. Here, you can also specify the action to be taken on threat detection, which is either delete the file or skip it. Scan settings let you specify the type of files to be scanned when a manual scan is initiated. You can also choose whether or not to scan archives. Similarly, you can choose to disinfect a file when it is found to be infected and if that fails, you can set it to prompt you for action, or choose to automatically delete or skip it. Automatic scans can be scheduled on a daily or weekly basis at a specified time.

Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
You can set level of file protection just like the PC version of Kaspersky.

Next is the Privacy Protection feature, which allows you to conceal information and events for confidential numbers from the contact list. This option also lets you configure the concealing of data initiated by an SMS command in the format "hide"secret_code" and the automatic hiding of data after the specified time interval elapses.


Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Hide information about contacts, call records, SMS, etc.

One of the most important features of KMS9 is Anti-Theft, which protects the mobile phone against unauthorised access.


Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Protect the phone even after it has been stolen.

You can completely block your device by sending an SMS in the format "block:secret_code". To enable Block, it is necessary to set Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 as the default Home screen, which means that the phone can only be accessed after keying in the secret code set during the initial setup. You can opt to remotely delete personal information and the list of folders selected for deletion by sending an SMS command "wipe"secret_code".


Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Remotely block and wipe data to prevent unauthorised access.

SIM Watch allows you to block the device when the SIM card is replaced. Additionally, you receive an SMS from the new SIM card to your specified mobile number or email address to remain informed about the new number associated with the new SIM card. There is also an option called GPS Find, which sends the devices' geographical coordinates to a specified mobile number of email address. This is helpful in tracking stolen phones.

Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Block the device when SIM card is replaced.

KMS9 also includes a call and SMS filter, which effectively blocks out calls and SMS from numbers specified in a Black list. Alternatively, there is also a White list option, which lets the phone receive calls and SMS from only the numbers in this list. You can issue a carpet ban on non-numeric numbers, which are usually associated with advertisers and spam. Unfortunately, you cannot choose to block only SMS or only calls, and end up blocking both on the specified numbers.

Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Receive calls and SMS from only those who are not in the blacklist.

When you opt to manual scanning, you are prompted to select either a Full scan, Folder scan (scanning of specified folders), or Memory scan (microSD card only). Scanning took around 5 minutes, as against the less than 1 minute in the case of Norton Mobile Security. However, it seems to scan more thoroughly and detected and neutralised a threat, which the latter did not.

Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Scan in progress.

KMS9 does not seem to slow down the phone in any way. In fact, the memory consumption while scanning was found to be extremely low at just 8.9 MB, while it consumes more or less the same even when idle.


Review: Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 For Android
Memory consumption while a scan is in progress (left) and during idle state (right).

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 does everything it claims to do. The interface appears to be an Android mobile port of the desktop security suite and it just as easy to use. In addition to a thorough scanning engine which lets you customise scan settings, the application uses minimal system resources, thus not slowing down the phone noticeably. Anti-theft features of this security software appear to be fool-proof, thus making sure that your data will not fall in unauthorised hands. KMS9 is available on the Android Market for Rs 459.38, which is completely justified because of the features this security suite packs in. If you buy the retail product, you get a CD also containing KMS9 versions for Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile, for just Rs 599.

Features: 4.5/5
Performance: 4.5/5
Ease Of Use: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
MoJo: 4.5/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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