FotoJet.Com: The Answer To Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

This free website allows you to create collages, edit images, and illustrate greeting cards; And it’s probably best at this!

Rating 4.5 /5
13th May 2016
FotoJet.Com: The Answer To Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing
Easy to use. Import pictures from Facebook. Save designs in different sizes onto the computer.
Importing pictures from Facebook crashes slightly when Internet connection speed is low.

Are you the one who edits photographs, make collages, and create greeting cards every now and then? If so, FotoJet.Com is probably what you are looking at.

If you are the one with your creative juices flowing all day long, then you definitely want Photoshop! But, wait, you’ll have to either pay for it or get it illegally, and you know getting it illegally is… well, illegal. So, what to do? PicsArt seems to be your solution? May be… but, not until you check out FotoJet.Com.

FotoJet allows you to create headers and posts for various social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, and Twitter.

I am not against PicsArt, but PhotoJet is really good at what it does! However, there’s a negative side too. The web application is not yet available on Android or iOS platforms. This means that you should open the website and do all the creative stuffs there itself on your computer/laptop; not possible on mobile web too at least now, at the time of this review.

While this seems somewhat old school for most of you, we recommend you to check it out… and, don’t thank us after you fall in love with it.

With this web application, you can add text, clipart, and change the background of your design, while you can also upload photos from your computer, or import pics from Facebook.

You can create some cute, vivid, and innovative collages on FotoJet. To the right of the screenshot, you can click on Add Photo and then select pics either on PC or on FB.

You get different templates on FotoJet based on your usage of the design you are working on. You can create mind boggling cover photos for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, along with web banners, email headers, invitations, and what not!

Your brain. Your creativity.

Well, with FotoJet, you can have more fun depending on your creativity - comic strips, magazine covers, photo frames, and a lot more. While these features you are looking at in FotoJet may be already explored in most of the collage making apps found on Google Play Store, none can match this quality. Also, this is one of those few apps which actually gives almost every function an installed premium software would give on Windows or Mac.

Cliparts, Text, Fonts, Shapes - FotoJet has everything you need to make your design look attractive.

However, while we tried and tested FotoJet, we were able to observe that, with low Internet connection speed, options do tend to get crashed a little; not to tell that, importing photos from Facebook took a lot of time. If FotoJet can work on this, it will definitely be the God of online collage making apps!

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