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Opera Unveils Its New Logo And Brand Identity

The new logo will be first rolled out to iOS apps and then to other platforms.


Popular Web browser company Opera has unveiled its latest logo and brand identity on Tuesday, Sept 22.

It looks like the company has gone through a major change in its logo when compared to the logo the company had in 1995.

The company has announced in its recent blog post that this is not just a logo shift, but a reflection of what Opera is all about.

The new logo consists of the letter 'O' just as how the older versions had. However, the new 'O' is 3-dimensional which the company claims to symbolise a gateway that leads to more content, more discoveries, more answers, etc.

It looks like the new logo is mainly based on the new 'Do More' philosophy of the company which has come 20 years down the lane serving over a billion Internet users across the globe every month.

With this new logo and brand identity, Opera has also dropped the word 'Software' from 'Opera Software' and is now called just 'Opera'.

The company will be rolling out the new identity and updated icon on the iOS platform to begin with and will soon reach Android, Windows Phone and Opera for computers in near future.

To recall, recently even the search giant Google changed its logo and restructured its organization completely.



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