Google Partners With Udacity & Tata Trusts To Bring Nanodegree Into India |

Google Partners With Udacity & Tata Trusts To Bring Nanodegree Into India

The duration of the Nanodegree program is from 6 to 9 months and 50 percent of tuition fees will be refunded upon completing the course.


With an aim to transform the quality of mobile developers in India, Google has brought its 'Android Nanodegree' programs into India.

The announcement was made on Monday, Sept 21 and this program is the result of a collaboration with Udacity and Tata Trusts.

To add in detail, the 'Android Nanodegree' program is a six-month course to teach Android development and was originally introduced back in May this year during the Google I/O.

However, now, the Nanodegree program is being brought into the country with an aim of helping out developers to learn new skills in Android app development. Interestingly, Google and Tata Trusts are mutually said to offer 1,000 scholarships to the deserving students of the Nanodegree program.

According to Indian Express, with around 3 million software developers in India, the search giant is taking steps to transform India into a global leaders in mobile app development. Adding more onto this, it is worth noting that the Nanodegree program will consist of courses developed and taught by instructors from Google.

Having said this, the program is said to cost around Rs 9,800 per month and upon successfully completing the course, Udacity will be refunding 50 percent of the tuition fees.


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