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Bug Can Get Google Chrome To Crash With Just 16 Characters

So far there is no evidence that it is a security threat, but it sure makes for a nasty prank.


Yes, it so appears that you can get your friend to crash his/her Google Chrome browser by simply asking them to click on a link. This string of characters, just 16 characters long, discovered by Andris Atteka, seems to be able to crash a Google Chrome session entirely.

All you have to do, is enter the values in the address bar and hit enter. And the browser crashes. While, even clicking on a link is enough to crash Chrome, others report that even browsing though the string while pasted, will trigger the crash.

While it makes for a neat prank, the browsing session with all its pinned tabs cannot be restored. This is because the browser will try to restore the last URL typed, meaning that it will keep crashing until you start with a fresh session. This also means you will have to re-open all those pinned tabs.

The key to the vulnerability lies in the null character in the key string “ http://a/%%30%30 ” but the person who discovered says that it is not a security bug.

Venture Beat tried its hands on the string and managed to get down the string of characters down to just 10.


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