HERE Maps Android Beta Now Lets You Share Your Entire Route |

HERE Maps Android Beta Now Lets You Share Your Entire Route

If you aren’t a part of the beta program, joining it is as simple as a click.


There is a reason why HERE Maps is getting better ratings than Google Maps on Google’s Play Store these days. Offline Maps is one of them, but the company which was recently acquired by a group of German auto mobile manufacturers, is also innovating. Today’s new update, that has shown up on the beta app, is indeed another handy one that matters.

While HERE’s offline maps offering is a blessing for countries like India, where high-speed data networks are non-existent outside metros, sharing your route with someone does indeed come handy.

While you could send a location tag to someone via WhatsApp, you could do a lot more with HERE Maps beta by sending an entire route.

If you are aren’t a part of the beta program, you simply head here and join the google group. Post that, you simply download the beta app that gives you access to all those new features that are currently being tested by HERE.

Sharing a route is fairly simple.

1. You add your destination and your current location or the rendezvous point and allow the app to show you the routes.

2. After selecting the perfect route, you simply tap the share button at the bottom of the screen and you will find the usual Android share extensions (from WhatsApp to email to SMS).

3. Select any one of them and your entire route (point to point and those in between) will be shared to the selected app along with a navigation link.

4. If the receiver does not happen to have HERE Maps app installed, the link will redirect to the website via the browser to deliver the same.

Sharing has only been enabled for the HERE Maps beta program, but the receiver need not have the beta app (or even the app) installed.


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